Why Legalize your Benin Republic degree certificate

Legalize your Benin Republic degree certificate
Legalize your Benin Republic degree certificate

Legalize your Benin Republic degree certificate and let’s help protect you against fake certificate

I’m sure you are familiar with the “Fake degrees from Benin Republic” stereotype. For a good number of years now, Benin Republic degrees have

Some years ago, rumors emerged about universities in Benin Republic that had been blacklisted, specifically by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Rumors spread like a wild fire, stating that these universities were sub-standard, not accredited and were offering fake degrees.

For the most part, the issue that transpired between Some Benin Republic Universities and the Federal government of Nigeria was mainly accreditation issues.

These universities went beyond their accreditation and offered certain courses they were not accredited to offer. In some cases, some of these universities sold out their certificates to students.

thousands of Nigerian students fell for these bogus universities and had their fate trapped.

These unfortunate incidences, led to the believe that certificates from Benin Republic are mostly fake.

That is absolutely not the case as Benin Republic universities are reputable and highly recognized worldwide.

Graduates of our reputable universities have successfully traveled out and gone for masters abroad, all while receiving premium treatment.


Do you know that it is illegal for anyone to use fake degree certificates as genuine documents and by using fake certificates whilst applying for jobs, they could receive a prison sentence of up to ten years?

Legalize your Benin Republic degree certificate

In an attempt to stall the rampant scams related to false education certificates, udvportal provides an end-to-end degree certificate verification service for universities and education Institutions.

Here at udvportal our education verification services are extensive, reliable and accurate.

Udvportal automatically, reliably and safely verifies post-secondary enrolment and graduation records for students from most public and private Benin Republic universities. Trusted and powered by Beninfo247

As a graduate of any Benin Republic university, authenticating your certificate is essential. In order not to run around during the last minute or miss out on great opportunities, now is the best time to authenticate your Benin Republic degree certificate. Click here to authenticate your certificate today.

Authenticate your Benin republic degree certificate with Udvportal today.

Legalize your Benin Republic degree certificate today and let’s help protect you against fake certificate

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